Here at Newton Dental Group, we do accept third-party dental insurance plans. Here is some important information you should know about your dental plan. Many of our patients aren’t aware that group plans aren’t designed to meet individual health needs. Understanding how dental insurance plans work can help patients make informed choices in partnership with a Surrey dentist at Newton Dental Group.

A dental plan is a contract between a third party (like your employer) and the insurance company. Coverage is determined by the contract, not by your Surrey dentist or your dental health needs. Our highly knowledgable staff will be able to assist you in getting pre-authorizations to estimate what will be covered before treatment starts. In order to help them assist you as best they can, ask your benefits manager or insurance provider for a plan booklet or information on your specific coverage. What is covered by your plan is determined by your plan purchaser and coverage varies based on what services are included in the contract, the percentage of fees covered for each service, and yearly maximums.

Be an active participant in your dental health:

1. Know your dental plan and what’s covered before your dental appointment to understand your portion of costs.

2. Discuss all treatment options with your Surrey dentist to make an informed decision based on your dental health needs. Understand any health risks associated with delaying or refusing treatment based on what your dental insurance limitations are.