Cosmetic Gum Grafting In Surrey, BC

Cosmetic Gum Grafting

The teeth may get all of the glory, but the gums are just as important in determining the quality of a smile’s appearance. Gums that are overly prominent, uneven or asymmetrical detract from a smile, even when the patient has perfectly straight teeth. Receding gums can be unattractive, too.

Cosmetic gum grafting is a good solution for patients whose gums have a negative effect on their smiles. In this procedure, the dentist can take tissue from the roof of a patient’s mouth and place that tissue in a location that extends or evens out the gumline or replaces gum tissue that has receded.

As with a bone graft, tissue for a gum graft can also be obtained from a donor cadaver or an artificial material that mimics periodontal tissue can also be used.

Other periodontal surgery

Diseased gum tissue presents additional problems for patients. Patients with periodontal disease should work with a Surrey periodontics specialist to stop the condition in its tracks.

Depending on its stage of development, periodontal disease may be treated surgically. Milder cases can often be treated non-invasively, but moderate to severe instances may require a procedure in which diseased tissue is excised to remove the bacteria that cause gum disease.

The idea of gum surgery may provoke fears of scalpels, cutting and ensuing discomfort, but your dentist can use laser dentistry in Surrey to perform periodontal surgery. The lasers can be used to remove diseased gum tissue with minimal pain and much faster recovery time.

Whether you’re seeking periodontal surgery to enhance your smile or improve your oral health, contact our office to find out which procedures may be appropriate in your case.

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