Teeth Whitening In Surrey, BC

Teeth Whitening

To most people, a white smile is a sign of good health. Not only that, but it is more attractive and makes you look friendlier and younger. It’s no surprise, then, that teeth whitening treatments are one of the most popular procedures of cosmetic dentistry. You can find it offered at Newton Dental Group in Surrey.

Why do teeth get yellow?

There are several reasons that teeth may lose their bright appearance, regardless of how diligent you may be with your oral care habits. Diet is a major factor, with certain foods and drinks like coffee, tea, and wine being the biggest culprits for staining teeth. Additionally, smoking and tobacco can cause teeth to look more stained and yellow. For some people, simple natural aging could be the reason. As the teeth enamel wears away over time, the yellower dentin layer underneath becomes more visible, giving teeth a dingy appearance.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening products utilize an active ingredient called hydrogen peroxide. There are several products available over the counter like strips, toothpaste, gels, and rinses that have this ingredient and are somewhat effective for whitening teeth. A professional treatment, however, has this ingredient in a higher concentration, so the enamel layer can be penetrated to have stains broken up below the surface, producing much more dramatic results. A whitening treatment at your dentist office can also be safer as it will not harm your gums and may result in less tooth sensitivity.

If you are ready for a whiter, brighter smile in Surrey, make an appointment at Newton Dental Group for a professional whitening treatment.

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