BOTOX®️ Cosmetic Treatment

BOTOX®️ Cosmetic Treatment In Surrey, BC

Although it is a focus point, your smile may not be your sole concern in your facial appearance. These days, many patients are requesting BOTOX®️ Cosmetic treatments from dentists as a procedure that complements the dentist’s work on the smile. After all, a beautiful smile can only go so far if it’s surrounded by wrinkled skin.

BOTOX®️ Cosmetic treatments can help patients look years younger. By relaxing the muscles under the skin and reducing the contractions that cause crow’s feet, laugh lines and forehead wrinkles, BOTOX®️ Cosmetic treatments erase any hint of a patient’s true age.

A number of different health care specialties offer BOTOX®️ Cosmetic treatments, but your dentist is intimately familiar with the details of your facial structures, so it only makes sense to turn to that Surrey dentist for BOTOX®️ Cosmetic treatments. After planning your smile makeover, your dentist will have unique knowledge of the most effective and necessary uses of BOTOX®️ Cosmetic treatments to further enhance your appearance.

Our dentists have trained extensively in BOTOX®️ Cosmetic treatment delivery techniques, so they are highly qualified to provide this service.

BOTOX®️ Cosmetic treatments are delivered via subdermal injections. The needles used for those injections are tiny, and the patient only feels a small pinch during the process. No anesthetic is necessary. In addition to restoring a youthful appearance, BOTOX®️ Cosmetic treatments can also be used to relax the muscles around the jaw and alleviate pain and discomfort associated with TMJ disorders.

BOTOX®️ Cosmetic treatment results are only temporary, lasting for 3-4 months in most patients, so to maintain your youthful appearance or minimize TMJ pain, you will need to plan appointments a few times each year.

If you are planning a smile makeover or other cosmetic dentistry procedures, ask your dentist how BOTOX®️ Cosmetic treatments might accentuate the results.