Dental Work During Pregnancy: Is It Safe

Dental Work During Pregnancy: Is It Safe

Feb 01, 2022

Pregnancy is an exciting time making you think you must avoid everything else, concentrating on the developing fetus in your stomach. While your thinking is justified because you are paying attention to the health of your baby and thinking of avoiding unnecessary treatments. However, you must not commit the error of neglecting your dental health and seek remedies if required without delay.

A misconception exists that dental treatments are better avoided during pregnancy. Unfortunately, nothing could be further than the truth because you can receive any dental treatments during pregnancy, including getting routine dental cleanings. However, if you consider elective treatments, the optimal time for these procedures is in the second trimester through 14 to 20 weeks.

What Kind of Treatments Can You Receive during Pregnancy?

You can become a victim of dental problems at any time during your pregnancy. In some cases, you may require immediate treatment from the dentist in your vicinity. The consequences of neglecting to treat an infection outweigh the risks of medications used during dental procedures.

If you develop a dental abscess during pregnancy, please do not stop contacting the dentist near me, delivering suitable treatments for the condition in your mouth. However, if you need fillings for a cavity-causing excruciating toothache, ensure that you request the dentist to offer tooth-coloured fillings devoid of mercury as recommended by the CDC. Do not consider removing existing silver fillings in excellent condition containing mercury unless it is medically essential. The process of removing silver amalgam fillings can cause a temporary increase in exposure to the vapours of mercury. If you are concerned and have questions about pregnancy, discuss the issue with your healthcare provider.

Can You Get Dental X-Rays During Pregnancy?

Dental issues are standard in pregnancy. However, the additional wear and tear on your teeth caused by hormones, nausea, and extra snacking can saddle you with further problems. If you need dental care during pregnancy requiring x-rays, you must ensure you get it from the dentist in Surrey, BC, without holding yourself back.

The safety of dental x-rays during pregnancy is undisputed. The dentist shields you and the baby with a lead vest apron to ensure protection for both. However, you must inform the dentist about your pregnancy before the x-ray. Present-day digital x-rays utilize smaller doses of radiation than traditional x-rays. However, if you want to avoid x-rays during pregnancy, some dental procedures can be delayed until after the birth of your baby, so long as you don’t hesitate to undergo essential dental treatments.

Can You Get Dental Prophylaxis during Pregnancy?

You must not avoid dental prophylaxis during pregnancy when the preventive treatment allows you to receive dental exams and cleanings that become essential during this exhilarating moment. You can be a victim of pregnancy gingivitis which is common during pregnancy. If you allow gingivitis to fester in your mouth to begin experiencing bleeding from your gums when brushing and flossing, tenderness in the gums besides puffy gums. Therefore you mustn’t wait until signs of the infection are evident. Instead, schedule an extra appointment to receive the prevention because the condition in your mouth can spread, causing additional risks. Most dentists recommend extra dental cleaning during pregnancy as a precautionary measure against pregnancy gingivitis and its associated risks.

When to Inform Your Dentist about Your Pregnancy?

Share information about your pregnancy with your dentist before any dental appointment. The professional will consider which treatments are appropriate and whether additional precautions are necessary for your specific situation. Sharing the information with your dentist as early as possible helps the dentist provide a better roadmap besides recommendations for your dental care during your exciting moments.

Problems arising from dental care can also present challenges to your pregnancy. You will schedule appointments with different specialists and physicians to inquire about your and your baby’s health. Your dentist extends your healthcare team, and the professional can perform most dental services or procedures with your child in your tummy.

Excellent preventive care and follow-up are essential to keep your mouth healthy. When you share information about your pregnancy with your dentist, you can prevent or help treat any oral problems that pop up unexpectedly.

Whether you need preventive care or emergency care during pregnancy, please do not hesitate to call Newton Dental Group, where the dental team cares about you and your baby to ensure you receive optimal advice.