What you should know about wisdom teeth removal

What you should know about wisdom teeth removal

There are a lot of myths out there about wisdom teeth and their removal. One of the biggest myths is that all wisdom teeth cause problems. That’s just not true – many people can live a great life with all of their wisdom teeth correctly in the mouth. That being said, there are situations in which wisdom tooth removal is something that must be done to keep your mouth healthy and pain-free.

When Do You Need to Have Them Removed?

The biggest reason that folks need to have wisdom teeth removed is that the teeth are impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth are teeth that can’t grow in a normal way because other teeth are blocking their path to the surface. Sometimes the teeth even come in sideways. If there isn’t enough space in the mouth for the teeth, they are considered impacted, and that’s why the teeth would merit removal.

What if They Have Grown in and Don’t Hurt?

This is excellent news! When you have wisdom teeth that have grown in, and there are no problems with crowding or pain, just keep them. A good dentist believes that if a tooth is not bothering you, then you don’t bother it. Having your wisdom teeth come in correctly means you have to be a little more thorough in the back of your mouth when you brush. Otherwise, you will have cavities, and other issues crop up.

When Should You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

While there is no right age for getting wisdom teeth removed, the reality is that if they are causing problems, it is better to do it when you are young than older. Younger folks have a better time with recovering from the surgery than older folks, so that’s one of the benefits of getting the surgery done in the late teens or early ’20s.

Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Painful?

Wisdom tooth removal – if the tooth is partially or fully erupted, shouldn’t be painful if the dentist has administered anesthesia properly. There will be some pushing and pressure, but otherwise, that’s it. For oral surgery, there will be some soreness that will abate after a week.

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