What is BOTOX Cosmetic Treatment?

Botox® is a protein used by professionals for years to help individuals meet their desired appearance. It is an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment that temporarily improves looks. In dentistry, Botox is used to treat issues related to oral health. Find out why you should seek a dentist’s office in Surrey, BC, that offers this treatment.

How Does Botox Cosmetic Work?

During Botox cosmetic treatment in Surrey, BC, the specialist injects Botox into the muscles of the area to be treated. Thin needles are used to inject the solution into the underlying muscles. Botox blocks signal from your nerves to the muscles that cause muscle contraction. Since the targeted muscle cannot contract anymore, the result is temporary muscle relaxation.

The treatment is non-invasive, allowing you to resume normal activities after the procedure. Most outstanding results can be seen 30 days after treatment and last between 3-4 months. To preserve and maintain the results, you will need regular Botox treatments.

Which Body Areas Can Be Treated With Botox Cosmetic?

A certified cosmetic specialist can use Botox injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the face. This drug can also treat certain conditions in the body, such as the eye, neck, and bladder.

It is used:

  • On a forehead that has developed horizontal wrinkles that move with facial expressions
  • To ease small lines known as crow’s feet which form on corners of your eyes when smiling or laughing
  • To reduce the depth of frown lines that appear on the forehead between the eyebrows
  • On cords of the neck that occur with age make them relax and appear less visible
  • To lift sagging corners of your mouth
  • To smooth bunny lines or lines on the sides of your nose that form when you crinkle it
  • To help reduce bladder dysfunction
  • In the reduction of chronic migraines

Uses of Botox Cosmetic in Dentistry

The team at the dentist’s office in Surrey, BC, is trained and experienced in using Botox in maxillofacial and oral health. Dentists are experts on facial muscles and bone structure. They are thus, equipped to treat the right facial muscles for desired results. A dentist can use therapeutic Botox to provide relief and manage muscle-generated dental conditions.

Some of the uses of dental Botox are:

  1. Improving High Lip Lines

If you have a gummy smile or most of the gums above your teeth are exposed whenever you smile, this treatment can help you. Botox helps the lip muscles to relax, thereby giving you a lower lip line.

  1. Easing Denture Discomfort

Patients who experience much discomfort when fitted with their new dentures can find relief from this treatment. The dentist will use it to help facial muscles relax. Relaxation eases the pain as you gradually adjust to the orthodontic appliances.

  1. Easing TMJ Syndrome

Individuals who grind their teeth cause facial and temporomandibular muscles to ache due to stress. The stress affects your facial muscles, causing you pain and migraines. Botox injections relax your TMJ and muscles to provide pain relief.

  1. Improving Your Smile

A dentist can use Botox to reshape and improve your smile. The treatment is administered after cosmetic dentistry treatments. It complements the work done by the dentist for a more aesthetically appealing smile. Once lip lines and wrinkles are treated, your confidence increases even in your smile.

  1. Minimizing Bruxism

Your dentist can combine Botox treatments with night guard appliances to minimize the grinding of the teeth. The treatment reduces the force of muscular contractions even as the mouth guards keep you from grinding your teeth.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects?

As we stated earlier, Botox is FDA-approved, meaning it is safe for treatments. However, it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Also, individuals allergic to the protein in cows’ milk or have neurological issues.

Some people may experience the following side effects after treatment:

  • Flu symptoms such as nausea and headache
  • Slight redness or bruising at the site of the shot
  • Drooping eyelids when the solution spreads farther than intended
  • Some of the rarest side effects include:
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Trouble swallowing

At Newton Dental Group, our dental team is trained to provide you with the best and safest Botox treatments. Schedule an appointment for Botox cosmetic treatment in Surrey, BC, with our trained team. We achieve precise and natural-looking results with Botox treatments that complement our dental work on your smile.

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