Teeth Whitening: Is it really possible to have a brighter smile?

Teeth Whitening: Is it really possible to have a brighter smile?

Mar 13, 2012

There are many products offered in the marketplace today that promise to deliver a brighter, whiter smile. But in reading the fine print, the realization is that there are no guarantees and many of the products purchased over the counter at your corner drugstore can take weeks to complete treatment. Teeth whitening can be completed in one brief visit with your dental provider giving you a “wow” smile you never thought possible!

Your cosmetic dentist has options for your consideration to fit your budget and timeline. Teeth that are drab and dull can be brightened. Dental stain due to medication, lifestyle habits, or aging can also benefit from teeth whitening.

Why does teeth whitening at your dental office exceed do-it-yourself products? Your cosmetic dentist has access to the most powerful whitening agents available. In addition, the tools needed to achieve the brightest smile and the training to use the whitening products are also available at the hand of your dental provider.

There are many advantages to seeking in-office whitening. Your dental provider can conduct a thorough dental exam to qualify you as a candidate for teeth whitening. Patients who have experienced severe gum recession are likely to experience sensitivity while undergoing teeth whitening, and due to a lack of enamel on the exposed dental root, this part of the tooth will not accept the whitening agent. This would end in disappointing results, as well as possible discomfort.

Children and pregnant women do not qualify as candidates for teeth whitening and should definitely consult with their dental provider before purchasing an at-home whitening program.

Now that you have been determined a qualified candidate for teeth whitening, your cosmetic dentist can provide in-office dental whitening or provide you with a supervised in-home whitening process.

In-office teeth whitening can usually be completed in one to two hours and the results can be dramatic right away. At-home teeth whitening will take a little longer, and your dental provider might want to see you periodically to make sure you are following directions to give you the best possible result.

No teeth whitening procedure can offer permanent results. But to keep your teeth as bright as possible and observe good oral hygiene habits, visit our Surrey dental team for a professional cleaning twice per year.