Mini Dental Implant Facts

Mini Dental Implant Facts

Aug 01, 2019

There are many people suffering from tooth loss because of various reasons. No matter what the reason, it can be embarrassing as your smile is the first thing that comes to notice when people interact with you. If you are suffering from tooth loss, one of the most common replacement options if mini dental implants. Let’s explore more about them.

What Are Mini Implants?

A mini dental implant in Surrey is a false tooth that is fixed permanently in your mouth. It’s screwed into the jawbone and it looks and feels just like your natural teeth.

How Are Mini Implants Different than Traditional Dental Implants?

You may wonder what makes mini implants different than the traditional implants. The main difference between both the options is the dimensions. While the conventional implants are over 3 millimeters in diameter, the mini implants are less than three millimeters. It’s important that the implants are placed accurately in the jaw bone. It is to be known that mini implants come with a osseon coating, which allows them to fuse with the jawbone much faster.

What Are the Benefits of Mini Dental Implants Over Bridges or Dentures?

  • While you need to remove the over bridges and dentures for cleaning, there is no such need with the mini dental implants. You simply need to brush your teeth the way you used to do earlier.
  • With other restorative options, you have food restrictions and you can’t have certain food items, especially the ones that are sticky or hard to bite. But with mini implants you can eat everything just like you used to do with your natural teeth.
  • The dentures and bridges need replacement few years down the line, but implants can last even for a lifetime if taken care of.
  • The dentures and bridges are not fixed so they can move and make you feel uncomfortable, unlike mini implants which are fixed and stable.
  • Your speech doesn’t get slurred with mini implants.

The mini implants can cost somewhere between 400 to 1200 dollars depending on the type of implants and number of implants.