How Long Will My Dentures Last?

How Long Will My Dentures Last?

Apr 20, 2014

Dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for hundreds or even thousands of years. Although early attempts at tooth replacement looked much different from modern prosthetics, the basic idea has always been the same. Today’s denture looks better, feels better, and lasts longer than of its earlier incarnations.

Longevity of the Average Denture

The average modern denture lasts anywhere from five to seven years, at which point it will probably need to be adjusted, relined, or remade. Dentures don’t necessarily need to be completely replaced every five years or so, but they do need adjustment from time to time to ensure they still fit properly and are comfortable. The chewing and biting surfaces might need to be replaced periodically as well due to everyday wear and tear.

Today’s denture looks better, feels better, and lasts longer than of its earlier incarnations.

The most common reasons for replacement or adjustment of a denture are:

  • Unwanted shifting, moving, or even falling out
  • Uncomfortable fit that causes discomfort
  • Chips, cracks, or other signs of wear and tear in the teeth

Dentures become uncomfortable and/or loose-fitting over time because your jaw changes shape the longer you wear them. Long-term denture wearers often experience a reduction in the bone mass of the jaw, which makes the denture itself lose its proper fit. Often, an adjustment to the gum-side section of the denture or relining of the denture can correct this problem.

Keeping Your Dentures in Good Shape

How well you care for your dentures is also a major factor in how long they will last. Your dentist will provide guidelines for how to take care of your denture, and following these guidelines will increase their lifespan.

Some important steps to take in caring for your denture include:

  • Keep the denture wet when you’re not wearing it
  • Clean the denture regularly
  • Only clean with approved cleaning solutions or mild detergent such as dish soap
  • Brush regularly with a soft toothbrush

If you take good care of your denture, it will last longer and remain comfortable in your mouth for a longer period of time. Be sure to visit your dentist at Newton Dental Group regularly for evaluation of your denture, your oral tissues, and any remaining teeth.