Dental Bonding: A Great Way to Fill in the Gaps

Dental Bonding: A Great Way to Fill in the Gaps

Sep 04, 2012

Gaps between the teeth, even small ones, can make you self-conscious about your smile. A cosmetic dentist, though, can help fill the gaps so you can be proud of your appearance once again. Dental bonding is one way to accomplish this.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding uses a composite resin that matches the natural color of your teeth. The dentist applies the resin to your teeth, cures it with a special light, and sculpts it to match the shape of your natural teeth. The cosmetic dentist will also make sure your bite is kept properly aligned to prevent any long-term problems.

Bonding is a noninvasive and relatively simple procedure, and is usually less costly than other cosmetic alternatives. It can be used not only to fill gaps, but also to correct the look of asymmetrical or overall small teeth. It can also be used to repair chipped teeth. The preparation time is minimal and involves treating the teeth so that the resin will adhere properly. Depending upon how much work needs to be done, you’ll be in the dentist’s chair for thirty minutes to an hour for each tooth to be treated.

Deciding on Dental Bonding

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure to change the look of your teeth, you’ll start with a consultation. The dentist will evaluate your goals concerning how you want your teeth to look, and together you will determine the best approach to give you the smile you desire. Treatment with dental bonding may or may not be the best choice to help you reach your goals, so be sure to ask as many questions as necessary and evaluate all the options your dentist presents.

Though this procedure is often cosmetic, it can also be used for restorations or other procedures including:

  • Filling cavities
  • Changing the size or length of teeth
  • Protect exposed tooth roots

To find out more about dental bonding and how it can help your smile reach its full potential, call the Newton Dental Group in Surrey today to schedule a consultation.