What Are Some Considerations When Wearing Invisalign Trays?

What Are Some Considerations When Wearing Invisalign Trays?

Mar 07, 2016

Invisalign is a popular option for orthodontic treatment, especially among adults who prefer not to wear traditional metal braces. They provide a variety of advantages over braces, but also come with their own considerations, which you must keep in mind in order to achieve the best possible results.

Taking Care of Your Invisalign Trays

Invisalign trays are made of a hard, clear plastic. You’ll wear each tray for about two weeks, so it’s important to keep the tray in good condition. If the tray becomes warped, it won’t shift the teeth efficiently because its shape has been changed. If the tray becomes discolored, it will make your teeth looked stained. You must also be sure to wear your trays for at least twenty-two hours every day. This means you should wear them at night and only remove them when necessary.

To be sure your aligner trays stay in good condition, you should:

  • Remove them if you’re drinking hot beverages to prevent warping
  • Rinse and/or brush them regularly
  • Avoid foods or beverages that can stain the plastic

Keeping your trays clean and warp-free not only ensures a good long-term result from your treatment, but will help prevent food particles and bacteria from building up under the trays, leading to bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Choosing Invisalign

Invisalign offers several advantages over traditional braces including:

  • They are virtually invisible
  • They are more comfortable
  • They can be removed for short periods
  • It’s easier to see the progress of your treatment

If you need orthodontic treatment and are considering Invisalign, talk to your dentist or orthodontist about the advantages and disadvantages of this form of treatment. In some cases, Invisalign will not be the best option. Some particularly severe instances of malocclusion or misalignment cannot be effectively treated with aligner trays and require traditional braces. You and your dentist together can determine the best option for you based on your needs and your goals for your teeth.

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