Chipped Denture: What are my options?

Chipped Denture: What are my options?

Oct 05, 2015

Dentures are a serious investment, so utmost care should be taken when handling them. When cleaning or removing your dentures at night, work over a sink of water or a clean cloth or towel. Softening a blow if dropped might save your denture from breaking or chipping.

A chip in your denture can occur for many reasons. Biting into something hard can chip a tooth. And just like a break in a biological tooth, a broken denture is hard to disguise when you open your mouth.

Depending on the time of day or where you are, you should consider your options. If possible, salvage all pieces of your denture. If you can see our dentist right away, this is always going to be your best choice. Depending on the problem, a quick fix may be available and you’ll be on your way. At worst, our dentist may have to resort to an outside source to make needed repairs.

If the damage is minor, the temptation to fix on your own is there. After all, how hard can this be? It can actually be very difficult to make a repair using one of the many denture repair kits available so that it is done correctly, looks right, and most importantly feels good.

Super glue or other types of cement might sound like a good solution. These products harden very fast, so one small move might make this easy project turn into a very costly one. While matching the pieces might seem like a no brainer, removing excess glue; using too much or not enough; and the permanence of this self-repair might call into question the advisability of doing this on your own.

If you’re out of town on vacation or business, or you chip or break your denture late at night, you might still be able to undergo repairs without resorting to a “fix it yourself” option. Many offices offer after hours availability; and although this is not an “emergency”, your situation might allow an exception making time for you early the next day.

Accidents happen, but the proper care of your denture will prolong its life. Store overnight in a designated solution; do not microwave or boil to clean; use products designed specifically for dentures; and see our dentist every six months for inspection for fit, functionality, and comfort.

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