Can You Repair a Chipped Tooth on Dentures?

Can You Repair a Chipped Tooth on Dentures?

Nov 01, 2021

Denture’s artificial replacements for natural teeth go through plenty of wear and tear. Unlike natural teeth having durable enamel, artificial teeth on dentures are not as strong. As a result, they are prone to chipping or breaking. You may eat complex foods or drop your dentures on the floor or sink to leave the appliance with a chipped tooth. When such incidents occur, there are actions you must take to get your artificial teeth repaired as soon as possible.

Chipped Dentures Require Prompt Repair

Denture wearers must consider a chipped tooth on dentures a severe issue that needs immediate attention. The damage of denture teeth impacts the denture wearer’s ability to speak and chew foods. The bite of the dentures also becomes compromised, causing discomfort to the user.

People with chipped denture teeth may think they can repair the teeth at home using DIY methods prominently advertised over online sites. However, you must refrain from such actions to seek help from an expert to get your dentures fixed. The denture user must collect the broken pieces, including the wiring of the denture. Denture wearers can use dental wax if the clasps or wiring becomes loose and causes irritation along the gums. They must remove the dental appliance from their mouth and soak it in a denture solution until they are ready to visit their dentist. The users must refrain from wearing damaged dentures.

Over-The-Counter Denture Repair Kits

In some cases, denture users can find a repair kit to fix the damaged denture teeth temporarily. Unfortunately, the repair kits merely provide a temporary solution. Therefore damaged dentures are best delivered to a dentist or prosthodontist for repairing the damages. It helps if users understand trying to repair dentures themselves makes it challenging for dentists or prosthodontists to repair the damage. The temporary adhesive applied by the user requires removal before the professionals begin working on the dental appliance for the repairs.

Denture users must also understand repairing chipped teeth on damaged dentures by themselves may result in them requiring a denture replacement. Over-the-counter denture repair kits are helpful only if they can fix a chipped tooth back in place as it was before the damage occurred. Denture wearers must understand they cannot use a repair kit with their dental appliance and the best option is to hand over the prosthetic to the dentist or prosthodontist to fix the tooth properly.

When Denture Teeth Chipped There Is No Need for Panic

Denture wearers must not panic when they chip or break a denture tooth. However, they must also overlook over-the-counter denture repair procedures for chipped dentures. Instead, they must contact their dentist or prosthodontist who created the denture for them requesting an urgent care appointment.

Dentists are aware of these problems and will do everything possible to help denture wearers repair their chipped denture teeth in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, denture wearers may have to endure some discomfort until the professionals fix the dental appliance. However, they can rest assured they will soon have the dentures back in their mouths without having to wait for an extended period.

Dentists or prosthodontists are experts in fixing chipped denture teeth. Denture wearers merely need to hand over the appliance to the experts and have them work on it to restore the chipped or broken tooth. They need not fear the dental visit because it does not involve any procedures in their mouths to cause dental anxiety. On the contrary, they can either remain at the dental office or return home until the professional fixes the dental appliance.

The professional will either replace the chipped tooth or repair it to ensure the denture wearer can comfortably wear the dental appliance without discomfort and continue with their regular habits without encountering any challenges. However, the professionals will advise the denture wearer on caring for the artificial teeth to ensure they don’t damage them again.

Following the advice of the dentist helps denture wearers to care for their dental prosthetics appropriately, making it easier for them to maintain their false teeth in excellent condition. It also helps them avoid seeking replacements for dentures merely because they have chipped or broken denture teeth accidentally and require replacements in their mouths as soon as possible.

Repairing a chipped tooth on dentures is best left to the professionals who created the appliance in the first place. Using DIY techniques or other methods may require the user to purchase new dentures by discarding the existing set.