Benefits of Invisalign® in Surrey, BC

Benefits of Invisalign® in Surrey, BC

Jul 16, 2019

You’ve probably heard of Invisalign® dental aligners and how they’ve helped countless patients attain the smile of their dreams with minimal attention being drawn to the straightening process during treatment. In other words, no more metal-mouth smiles! If you want to learn more about this form of orthodontic treatment in Surrey, BC, we invite you to keep reading to learn additional benefits of Invisalign® aligner treatment for patients of all ages!

That’s Right — Invisalign® Dental Aligner Treatment is Appropriate for Almost Any Age Group

Do you worry that the window of opportunity for a straighter smile has already passed you by? Not so with the help of these clear dental aligners that can be worn in every setting – from business meetings and golf outings to happy hour with friends and tennis! And the best thing about the treatment method is not only that they’re designed for comfort and convenience, but that they can be taken out for short periods of time for even more discretion.

Even Teenagers Will Benefit from This Smile Booster

No one wants to have a mouth full of metal like wearing traditional braces mandated. Now, your teen can head off to school, a sports event, or a social function without having to be self-conscious of their smile. Because of their transparency and easy removal, Invisalign® boosts teens’ self-confidence while also correcting their smile into adulthood!

A Perfect Smile Comes from the Benefits of Invisalign® Digital Scanning

Another great benefit to this advanced dental technology is that it uses digital scanning to ensure maximum results. The treatment plan is generally developed in conjunction with 3D digital scanning, which is not only painless and non-invasive but also much more comfortable than taking old-fashioned impressions of the teeth.

Give Your Child the Gift of a Perfect Adult Smile

It’s pretty common for teenagers to not talk about things that are chipping away at their self-confidence. But as a parent, you want to help them every way that you can. And since you know how important straight teeth are to you – why not give them the gift of a straight smile during these important teenage years? A recent survey found that one in three teenagers were self-conscious about their smile. You can change that when you contact a dentist near you who specializes in Invisalign® in Surrey, BC, like Newton Dental Group.