A Closer Look at Oral Sedation

A Closer Look at Oral Sedation

Jun 01, 2020

To manage mild or moderate anxiety while undergoing dental procedures, you require sedation. Oral sedation is convenient in ensuring that you find a restful appointment before a dental procedure.

Once your dentist sedates you, pain is controlled, and you relax while you partake in the invasive surgical process. Sedatives provide safety and efficacy in managing dental treatment.

What’s Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is a process that involves the injection of sedative drugs that prevents pain, strain, and anxiety-related problem during a medical procedure via the mouth. It’s preferably done during a pediatric treatment that involves a surgically invasive procedure for your kid.

Types of Sedation Used during Invasive Dental Procedures

Below are various types of sedation used in dentistry:

  • IV moderate sedation involves the use of a sedative drug that’s injected into your vein. It takes effect promptly through blood circulation.
  • Inhaled sedation utilizes a nasal mask to administer laughing gas to help you relax. Your dental practitioner regulates the amount of sedation you receive, and it’s given at a minimal level.
  • Oral sedation involves the intake of a pill, taken before the dental procedure. The dosage ranges from minimal to moderate-higher dose results to moderate sedation.
  • General anesthesia and deep sedation entail the use of medication to keep you unconscious during a procedure. A reverse dosage is given to keep you awake.

Sedation is aimed at keeping you numb during a dental procedure that may cause discomfort or pain. You’ll need local anesthesia to undergo an invasive dental process.

Are You a Right Candidate for Sedation?

If you fear dental procedures, sedation would be ideal for you. Sedation is also appropriate for you if:

  • Your pain threshold is minimal.
  • Have sensitive teeth
  • There’s a long-lasting dental process
  • You have a reduced gag reflex

Pediatric Treatment in Surrey involves the use of sedation for your child to ensure a safe dental procedure. Minimal anesthesia is administered based on your child’s age.

What to Expect during Sedation Dentistry

There are risk factors related to anesthesia. In case you face conditions like obstructive sleep apnea, seek consultation from your dentist before you undergo sedation. To avoid complications, ensure the following measures are taken:

  • Ensure your dentist monitors vital signs while the procedure is done. Reverse drugs and oxygen ventilators need to be availed in case the process doesn’t suit you.
  • Your dentist can evaluate your medical history before the administration of sedatives. It’s essential to determine if you are the right candidate for the medications.
  • Enquire for the appropriate dose for your age and weight as recommended.

Advantages of Oral Sedation

  • It reduces anxiety, relaxes the nervous system, and gives a calm effect to your child. It inhibits the medical panic that could bring back the memory of the procedure to your child or cause trauma. It calms you down by ensuring that everything is normal while you undergo treatment.
  • Oral sedation ensures less time is used to perform dental procedures, including the complex operations. It’s due to the calmness instilled in you, enabling our dentists to perform their duty well and faster.
  • Oral sedatives are safe since global dentistry associations regulate them. You can’t be adversely affected by the medications.
  • You remain Responsive even if you feel dizzy. You can stay awake during the whole procedure, in following all your dentist’s instructions.
  • The amnesia effect hinders you from recalling trauma after the procedure is complete.

Dentists in Surrey find this procedure simple to perform on you and your family. Sedation dentistry uses a pill that’s administered orally, one hour before the process. It eases up the tension, and the procedure is done effectively.

Oral Sedation at Surrey, BC

At Newton Dental Group, we treat oral sedation cautiously in Surrey dentistry. We subject you to sedation to help you feel relaxed while you undergo dental treatment. We provide oral sedation and local anesthesia while performing surgical procedures.

Our Dentists in Surrey, BC, use local anesthesia to keep you numb and relieve pain during treatment. We use oral sedation if you have moderate anxiety towards a dental visit. We ensure you have a relaxed appointment in all your dental visits. We administer Proper medication that’s vital in maintaining safety so that you can seek and preserve good oral health care