8 Mind-Blowing Myths About Root Canal Treatment

8 Mind-Blowing Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Typically, a root canal treatment is the last resort to save an infected or decayed tooth. If your tooth cannot be saved through the procedure, it may need to be extracted. Saving your natural tooth is always the best cause of action because nothing can replace it.

However, some people cringe at the thought of having the treatment because of the misinformation on the internet. In this blog, we debunk eight myths surrounding the treatment to help you understand how the treatment works and why you shouldn’t be afraid.

#Myth 1: Root Canal Is Extremely Painful

This myth has been so widespread that many people think it is a fact. The reason behind the myth is that endodontic treatment used to be painful before the introduction of oral sedation. However, things have changed considerably in dentistry, and no dental procedure is painful.

The dentist numbs you before removing the infection from the dental pulp. He then fills the hole. You will be awake while getting the treatment. However, you won’t feel any pain, and your tooth will most probably be saved.

#Myth 2: Dental Crowns Increases the Need for an Endodontic Treatment

The only time you will need a root canal treatment with a crown is if it is abscessed or decayed. If the crown is fine, there is no need for root canal therapy. You can prevent decay by maintaining proper hygiene and getting professional cleanings every six months.

#Myth 3: It Causes Illness

This myth came about after half-baked research conducted about a hundred years ago. The study was conducted before most medical professionals’ developments when medical professionals did not understand most diseases’ causes.

There is no scientific evidence that shows the treatment causes any disease. Therefore, you should not be scared that you will get ill after having a root canal treatment in Surrey, BC.

#Myth 4: It’s Better to Extract a Tooth than Get an Endodontic Treatment

Tooth extraction is a good option to stop infections from spreading throughout the mouth. It is easy to perform and does not cost a lot. However, it should always be the last resort because nothing can replace your natural tooth. Even the best restoration option, a dental implant, cannot be as effective as a natural tooth.

Therefore, you should always try to save your natural tooth if there is a chance. In most cases, endodontic treatment will work. However, if it doesn’t, you can now consider extraction. You can visit our root canal specialist in Surrey if you need endodontic treatment.

#Myth 5: Infected Tooth’s Roots are Removed During the Treatment

Just because the procedure has the name root, it does not mean the infected tooth’s roots are removed during treatment. The dentist only removes the dental pulp and the infections affecting it. He then adds fillings or a crown to strengthen it. That’s it.

#Myth 6: The Treatment is Too Expensive

Some people prefer tooth extraction because they have been convinced that root canal therapy is too expensive. Well, this is a difficult misconception to dispel since dentists charge differently. Some are cheap, while others are slightly expensive.

However, it is still untrue to consider root canal therapy too expensive. Saving your natural tooth can never be too expensive. Furthermore, if you extract it, you will need to replace it with an artificial one. Most restorative options are often more costly the root canal therapy. We offer rotary endodontics, and you can count on us for high-quality services at a reasonable price.

#Myth 7: Pregnant Women Cannot Get a Root Canal Therapy

The treatment will require an x-ray scan, but you should not be scared because you will be wearing protective gear to ensure your baby is adequately protected. The exposure is too little, and it will be directed to your mouth, not stomach.

#Myth 8: It Causes Increased Sensitivity

This one is true, but you should not be scared because the sensitivity will be gone before you know it. However, if the sensitivity is too much and won’t subsidize after a few days, talk to your dentist.

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